Selenium Certification Course

Our Selenium WebDriver course is a five-star rated program curated to help our learners master the best automation testing framework and the third-party tools that support Selenium. Our comprehensive 40-hour program is extremely thorough where our learners gain hands-on knowledge with the help of real-time examples, quizzes, and exercises included in each session.

Our Selenium certification course comprises all the key concepts that are integral to automated software testing. Realizing the current demand for Selenium with Java professionals, we have developed the curriculum, to begin with, Java fundamentals, then moving on to an introduction to Selenium, its components, various automation frameworks, Maven, Jenkins, Cucumber, among other key concepts.

Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is a free, open-source, cross-browser, framework that can test web applications across devices. Furthermore, what makes Selenium popular is the fact that it supports various programming languages including Java, Python, Ruby, C#, PHP, Perl, etc.
Selenium framework is used to test the functionality and the GUI of the web browsers/applications using automated test scripts. These test scripts essentially play the role of the user and test the browser actions.

The Selenium suite has four components:

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the simplest framework of the Selenium suite. It doesn’t need any coding experience and is the easiest to learn. This is a Firefox plugin which is used as a prototyping tool, however, one can use Selenium RC or WebDriver for complex test cases.

Selenium RC (Remote Control) or Selenium 1 is an automated web testing tool that can make use of multiple programming languages for writing test scripts. It supports cross-browser, cross-platform testing and offers faster execution than Selenium IDE. It needs programming knowledge to write test scripts.

WebDriver: This is the mightiest component of the Selenium suite. It can control the browser actions by directly communicating with it. Realizing the shortcomings of Selenium 1, WebDriver came into the picture. It offers faster execution than IDE and RC.

Selenium Grid is a component of the Selenium suite that enables parallel execution of tests across several devices, browsers, and platforms at the same time.

Advantages of the Selenium framework:

  • A free, open-source tool
  • Offers multiple programming language support
  • Third-party framework support
  • A strong presence of DevOps lifecycle
  • Parallel and distributed testing
  • Offers flexibility while writing test cases
  • Not a GUI-based testing

Why choose Selenium WebDriver as a career

Automation testing is taking the world by storm. And Selenium is one of the best automation testing tools for web applications validation. Therefore, the industries are looking for certified Selenium testers to meet their software testing requirements.
The major companies are banking on the following benefits of the Selenium framework for their software testing needs:

  • Using the Selenium framework translates to less burden for testers as a lesser time is needed for building new tests. They instead repeat the test cases for similar test scenarios.
  • Cost-saving benefits for the clients due to the efficiency of the Selenium framework for testing web applications.
  • Selenium testing framework improves the testing accuracy as compared to manual testing.
  • QA professionals use Selenium for regression testing, business process testing, core functional testing, usability testing, among others as a part of the STLC.

No automation testing framework has come close to Selenium when it comes to validating Web applications.

The following are the apt reasons why Selenium can be the right career for you:

  • Selenium is the most popular automation testing framework due to the several benefits it offers.
  • Selenium testers have lucrative careers and with a regular upgrade, they can have successful career growth.
  • Major companies like Facebook, Microsoft, HP, Cognizant, Accenture, etc. hire Selenium testers with in-depth knowledge and Selenium certification.
  • Multiple new opportunities in Selenium testing jobs are likely to open up in 2021 according to the popular job portals.

Advantages of pursuing Selenium training online from H2K Infosystems
Selenium has become a dominant force in the software testing field creating a huge demand for Selenium testers. Selenium testers need a fair amount of programming skills and working knowledge of third-party frameworks to overcome the shortcomings of Selenium in terms of test management and report generations, etc.

Therefore, proper Selenium testing training is the only way to gain proficiency in the Selenium framework and other third-party tools.

Why enroll at H2KInfosystems in our Selenium training?

H2K Infosystems has ranked number one in providing Selenium certification training consistently for the past 15 years.

The following are our key takeaways:

  • Our instructors are software testing team leads and Selenium enthusiasts who hold at least 5-10 years of industry experience
  • Instructor-led live interactive sessions
  • Course curriculum developed by experts considering the current trends and requirements in the IT job market
  • Quizzes and assignments included in each session
  • End of the course, live-project experience
  • 24×7 access to live-classroom video recordings
  • Unlimited access to our cloud-test lab facility
  • Course completion certificate
  • Professional resume preparation assistance
  • Interview Questions help
  • Mock interview sessions held by hiring managers of Fortune 500 companies
  • Easy enrollment options

Career prospects of choosing Selenium certification

Selenium jobs and designations may vary from a mobile applications development company to web applications development company. A typical Selenium job requirement includes proficiency in security testing, regression testing, performance testing, Java, various automation frameworks, functional testing, JIRA.

However, listed below are the popular Selenium jobs offered in a majority of companies:

  • Selenium automation tester
  • Senior Quality Automation Engineer
  • Mobile Testing lead
  • Selenium-Java automation engineer
  • Software Development Test Engineer

Who is eligible for Selenium training?

As automation testing is the current need of the hour, our Selenium course is best suited for the following professionals:

  • Software Testers
  • QA Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • System Administrators
  • System Analysts

The following are the skills that would be beneficial for a beginner who hopes to take up our Selenium WebDriver course:

  • Core Java
  • HTML
  • XML
  • CSS

Course content

  • Java
  • Selenium
  • Java Framework
  • Automation Frameworks
  • Design Pattern
  • Build Automation Tool
  • Continuous Integration Tool
  • Web-Based Source Code Repository Tool
  • Git bash
  • Object Repository
  • Logger
  • Cucumber

Refer to our Selenium training syllabus for exact details.


1) How can I practice after each Selenium online course session?

We offer unlimited access to our cloud-test lab facility where our learners can practice for the entire duration of the course.

2) Are the Selenium training course at H2K Infosys live, interactive sessions, or self-paced?

All our certification courses are live, instructor-led, interactive, virtual classroom sessions. We offer the flexibility of self-paced learning with help of weekend classes and weekday evening classes based on which the working executives can choose their batch. 

3) What should I do if I have more queries during the training?

Our Selenium training is instructor-led, live, virtual classroom sessions where we encourage instant query clearance. However, for additional support, you may approach our 24×7 support team who can address any course-related issues you might have.

4) Can I attend a demo before enrolling in Selenium online training?

We offer a free demo for all the registered candidates where they can assess the training delivery, course content, intensity of the program among others to make well-informed decisions.

5) What happens if I miss a class?

We offer two options to make up for a missed session:
· Access the video recordings of the live classroom sessions
· Request for the missed session from another Selenium WebDriver batch