Project Management Certification Course

At H2K Infosystems, we have set the bars high in delivering our Project Management certification online program to learners by providing a hands-on course that includes in-depth knowledge of basic and advanced project management concepts. Furthermore, with our live, interactive, instructor-led, virtual classroom course with an instant query clearance facility, we can help you prepare for the PMP® certification. Enroll in H2K Infosystems Project Management course online to work neck to neck with other PMP certified experts.

Introduction to Project Management

Project Management is a set of techniques used to apply various processes, methods, skills, experience, and knowledge to ensure that all the project objectives are met as per the project acceptance criteria within set parameters.

While general management is an ongoing process, project management is time-based; the final deliverables should be made within a finite timespan. This criterion puts the project management apart as the project management professionals require various skillsets like technical skills, people management, risk management, budget management, maintaining communications with the stakeholders, apart from good domain experience.

So, what is a project?

A project is a process to achieve planned activities in terms of outputs, outcomes, or benefits. A project is considered to be a success when it meets the accpetance criteria within the set deadline and budget. It involves time scheduling, cost management, and quality management to ensure the fitness of the deliverables.

Project Management Stages:

  • Planning
  • Initiation
  • Execution
  • Monitoring
  • Closing

Projects are not just any tools to ensure that the final deliverables meet the timelines. A project progresses best when all the project management roles are well-defined. The main roles in a project include:

  • Project Sponsor
  • Project Manager
  • Project Supplier
  • Team Members
  • Stakeholders
  • Clients

Project management, in a nutshell, is a life skill that helps you manage a team of people across many industries such as:

  • IT
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Product manufacturer
  • Construction
  • Finance and law

Project Management Career:

Project Managers are essentially leaders who constantly need to motivate the teams, plan, monitor, and report their progress. Project Management is such a complex set of activities that it has enough to offer for a lifetime of study. There is always a lot to learn which can equally fascinate and frustrate the learners at the same time. Hence, this discipline is best suited for those who are curious learners and are eager for more knowledge in their journey into project management.

Therefore, project managers are always in great demand. Below mentioned are a few reasons to take up project management as a career:

  • Project managers are in great demand across industries like oil and gas, finance and insurance, manufacturing, construction, and utility industry
  • 22 million new project management jobs are likely to open up by 2027
  • According to a Glassdoor survey, the average salary of an entry-level project manager is $ 60,000
  • Project Managers have a great career growth curve and a lot of scope for advancement in their careers
  • Project Managers are said to make a difference to the company

Project Management is an ideal career choice for those individuals who enjoy handling a varied set of responsibilities.

Advantages of pursuing online Project Management certification from H2K Infosystems

H2K Infosystems offers a world-class online project management certification course that not only helps aspiring and budding project managers with streamlined training for a successful career but also provides them with the necessary skills they need to pass the PMP certification exams offered by the Project Management Institue, Inc.

Today, the project managers are expected to demonstrate skills more like mini-CEOs with tactical and strategic abilities while managing a project. And our project management course is an impressive attempt at covering the wealth of project management processes even if it is only touching the tip of an iceberg.

Why enroll at H2K Infosystems for project management courses online?

H2K Infosystems is a popular platform for providing project management certification online training to aspiring project managers across the globe. Here, we deliver training by citing real-time examples, business use-cases, and classroom assignments to ensure fully hands-on knowledge transfer.

The following are our key takeaways:

  • Our instructors are certified Project Managers who hold at least 5-10 years of industry experience
  • Instructor-led live interactive sessions
  • Course curriculum developed by experts considering the current trends and requirements in the IT job market
  • Quizzes and assignments included in each session
  • Helps in preparing for various certification exams offered by PMI
  • End of the course, live-project experience
  • 24×7 access to live-classroom video recordings
  • Unlimited access to our cloud-test lab facility
  • Course completion certificate
  • Professional resume preparation assistance
  • Interview Questions help
  • Mock interview sessions held by hiring managers of Fortune 500 companies
  • Easy enrollment options

Career prospects of choosing Project Management certification online

Project Management is a sure shot road to increase earning potential and becoming a competent professional to demonstrate proficiency in executing complex projects.
The following are the associated roles in Project Management:

  • Project Coordinator
  • New Product Development Project manager
  • Construction Project Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Environmental Research Project Manager
  • Consultant

Project Management Certification Eligibility:

Any Project Managers or aspirants who are looking for professional growth and recognition are eligible for our program. Our online project management professional certification course is best suited for the following professionals:

  • Team Leads
  • Associate project managers
  • Project Managers who upskill for a global recognition
  • Software developers
  • Team members of a project who aspire to be project managers

Course content

  • Module – 1 Project Management Framework
  • Module – 2 Project Management Processes
  • Module – 3 Integration Management
  • Module – 4 Scope Management
  • Module – 5 Time Management
  • Module – 6 Cost Management
  • Module – 7 Quality Management
  • Module – 8 Communication Management
  • Module – 9 Human Resource Management
  • Module – 10 Risk Management
  • Module – 11 ETL Testing, Data warehouse Testing


1) What is the duration of the project management certification online course at H2K infosystems?

The comprehensive training program in project management at H2K Infosys is an in-depth 20-hour program that takes our learners through various project management tools, processes, ETL Testing, Datawarehouse testing, people management, time management, risk management, budget management, among many other management techniques.

2) Is the project management training course at H2K Infosystems live, interactive sessions, or self-paced?

All our certification courses are live, instructor-led, interactive, virtual classroom sessions. All our enrollees also get 24×7 access to recorded videos of live sessions which can help them revise or make up for the missed classes.

3) Who will handle our project management training program at H2K Infosystems?

All our instructors at H2K Infosystems are industry experts with 5-10 years of experience and are well-versed with the hiring expectations and standards.

4) How can I enroll in the online project management certification course at H2K Infosystems?

All our registered candidates are eligible for a free demo session which can help them make a well-informed decision. Once you are fully satisfied with the instructors, course curriculum, and placement assistance programs, you can enroll in our recognized project management course.