Dot NET Online Training

The .NET developer training at H2K Infosystems is helping thousands of aspiring software developers build a career in web applications, desktop GUI, and mobile apps development. Our Microsoft .NET course is curated to include all the key concepts such as programming basics with C#, working with web technologies, ADO.NET concepts, SQL programming, etc.

Introduction to Dot NET

The .NET Framework is a Microsoft product that is used to develop Windows applications, websites, web services, and gaming applications as well. The framework comprises various programming languages libraries and tools to facilitate building desktop and web applications.

The .NET Framework has come a long way since 2002 when the first version was released. It was used to build Windows-based applications alone. The current version of .NET Framework 4.7.2 enables developing desktop applications that can run on Windows, Linux, macOS with the help of .NET Core.

The Microsoft .NET framework can be used to create form-based and web-based applications. Inherently, the .Net Framework can support Visual Basic, C#, F#, and 8 other programming languages developed by Microsoft, however, it can offer support to over 60 other programming languages.

The three main components of the .NET Framework are:

1. Common Language Runtime
2. Class Library
3. Languages

Why choose Dot NET as a career?

The Windows applications are widely used and the .NET framework is constantly evolving with the latest updates to maintain it as a mainstream development platform. With the introduction to MVC architecture and XAMARIN, the popular mobile application development platform, the .NET framework is as good in the market as it was before.

An individual looking for a career in the .NET platform can opt for various career opportunities worldwide. There are more than 1700 jobs for .NET developers on LinkedIn alone, not to mention the opportunities on other platforms.

The following are the common characteristic straits expected of a strong .NET profile by the hiring managers.

  • Deep knowledge and experience in C# web development
  • Strong understanding of structure and logic of OOP
  • Web API
  • MVC
  • .NET Core

A career in .NET seems bright and hopeful as compared to other options in the IT field. An individual with .NET as their expertise can encounter various job opportunities. As a new recruit, the .NET framework can help them build credible experience as a software developer, however, with proper certifications they can move up to higher positions for a successful career.

Advantages of pursuing .NET Developer Training from H2K Infosystems
The .NET training at H2K infosystems can help our learners prepare for the Microsoft certified examinations like MCTS or MCPD which are internationally recognized or can pursue CCNA, CCNP, CCIE certification exams provided by Cisco, USA.

With a proper .NET developer training certification from a reputed center along with international recognition, our learners can be placed in any of the reputed IT companies where they can work as Network Analysts, Network Administrators, etc.

Why enroll at H2K Infosystems for .NET training courses?

H2K Infosystems has gained credibility and recognition as a top provider of .NET training to our learners for the past 20 years. We are highly recommended by Fortune 500 companies and renowned organizations for the authentic training programs we offer to the .NET professionals.

The following are our key takeaways:

  • Our instructors are passionate .NET developers who hold at least 5-10 years of industry experience
  • Instructor-led live interactive sessions
  • Course curriculum developed by experts considering the current trends and requirements in the IT job market
  • Quizzes and assignments included in each session
  • Helps in preparing for various certification exams offered by Microsoft and Cisco
  • End of the course, live-project experience
  • 24×7 access to live-classroom video recordings
  • Unlimited access to our cloud-test lab facility
  • Course completion certificate
  • Professional resume preparation assistance
  • Interview Questions help
  • Mock interview sessions held by hiring managers of Fortune 500 companies
  • Easy enrollment options

Career prospects of choosing .NET Developer Training

The career path for .NET developers can depend a lot on what the individuals hope to achieve. They can choose to opt for various fields based on their level of motivation, which can include Web development, mobile application development, Desktop-based application development, games building, or IoT.
The following can be the career path for the .NET developers with 5+ years of experience:

  • Web Developer
  • Full Stack .NET Developer
  • Angular JS Developer
  • Systems Architect
  • API Developer

Who is eligible for dot NET online training?

The .NET training courses can be pursued by anyone who wants to be an ASP.NET Web Developer or hopes to learn Microsoft.NET Framework with the latest updated features.

The following are the individuals best suited to take up this program:

  • Beginners who aspire to build a career in dot NET
  • Software programmers
  • Experienced .NET developers who hope to bridge knowledge gaps and stay updated with the latest and current .NET framework features

There are no prerequisites for learning the .NET framework, however, the basic knowledge of other programming languages like C++, Java, and any of the databases like SQL, Oracle, MySQL can be helpful.

Course content

  • Introduction to .Net Framework
  • Memory Units / Number System
  • C#-Programming [Part-1] – Programming Concepts
  • C#-Programming [Part-2] – Object-Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Web Technologies
  • SQL Server / T-SQL Programming
  • ADO.NET Concepts
  • ASP.NET Concepts
  • Creating a 3-Tier Architecture Project
  • Introduction to WCF Services
  • Introduction to .Net MVC

Refer to the .NET course syllabus for exact details.


1) What is the duration of the .NET training course at H2K infosystems?

The comprehensive .NET training program at H2K Infosys is an extensive 60-hour program that takes our learners through C# programming language, SQL Server, ASP.NET, and also includes working with the latest MVC architecture.

2) Is the .NET training course at H2K Infosystems live, interactive sessions, or self-paced?

All our certification courses are live, instructor-led, interactive, virtual classroom sessions. All our enrollees also get 24×7 access to recorded videos of live sessions which can help them revise or make up for the missed classes.

3) Who will handle our .NET training program at H2K Infosystems?

All our instructors at H2K Infosystems are industry experts with 5-10 years of experience and are well-versed with the hiring expectations and standards.

4) How can I enroll in the .NET training online program at H2K Infosystems?

All our registered candidates are eligible for a free demo session which can help them make a well-informed decision. Once you are fully satisfied with the instructors, course curriculum, and placement assistance programs, you can enroll in our five-star rated .NET training program.