Data Science Online Course

The Data Science online course at H2K Infosys is a 30-hour rigorous program offered to help our learners gain proficiency in Data Science concepts. It begins with a basic tour of statistics, an introduction to various tools and frameworks, programming languages, and then taking a deep dive into machine learning algorithms like Naive-Bayes, KNN, Random Forest, etc.

Our Data Science using Python course is developed to handle the end to end data science activities and techniques providing our enrollees with hands-on training. Our instructors who carry over a decade of industry experience, quote real-time examples, include quizzes, and assignments in each session for an unparalleled learning experience.

Introduction to Data Science

Data Science is a term employed to the set of activities, tools, algorithms carried out by the data analysts and data scientists intending to explore data thoroughly using EDA, discover hidden patterns in raw data, and draw inferences.

The process begins with the data analysts who collect the data, process it, perform statistical analysis, from where data scientists, takeover. The data scientists conduct exploratory data analysis (EDA) which is a crucial step in data science where the validity and completeness of the data are verified. In case of discrepancies in the data, the irrelevant or missed data is either removed, or if the amount of data is significant, it is compensated with mean, median, or mode in the respective columns.

Next, they employ visualization techniques using Tableau or Python to identify the hidden patterns. They feed the data into various machine learning algorithms to make predictions and further, to make decisions.

Why choose Data Science as a career?

Data Science is ubiquitous and is applied in almost every industry nowadays such as healthcare, e-commerce, retail, entertainment, sports, media, banking, and many more.

How Data Science Arrived:

Traditionally data was discarded with the belief that the customer data is irrelevant and redundant. However, when the importance of data was realized, the traditional storage systems were incapable of storing the humongous amount of data collected from various sources like social media, the internet, government organizations, hospitals, stores, websites, etc.

Furthermore, this data was only partially structured with 80% of it being unstructured. However, Hadoop emerged and the problem of storing the unstructured and large amount of data was resolved.

These zettabytes of data collected can now be not just stored but also processed using various tools like Hadoop, Spark, Pig, Hive, and can be visualized using BI tools such as Tableau or Power BI, where scientific programming languages like R and Python also come into play.

Data Science used in various domains

  • Data Science helps in understanding the precise needs of the customers in the retail stores with the data available on customers’ purchasing history, age, and income. It essentially aids the stores like Walmart and e-commerce sites such as Amazon to build product recommendation systems
  • With the help of machine learning algorithms, Data Science can be used to build effective navigation systems, identifying traffic bottlenecks, fastest possible routes. Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and taxi services like Uber and Ola use Data Science extensively
  • Data Science is also used in disease diagnostics, where predicting the likelihood of being diagnosed with cancer, based on the past medical history is carried out
  • Social media sites like Facebook use data science to amplify the user-experience with the features like ‘people you may know’ based on the users’ friends list, people they have been tagged with, in photos, etc.

Advantages of pursuing Data Science using Python from H2K Infosys

The best Data Science courses are those which help you prepare for what the industries expect from you as a data expert. Typical data scientists should be well-versed with the end to end process of data analysis to perform predictive analysis, prescriptive analysis, working with various machine learning models for pattern discovery, and making predictions.

Our Data Science Training programs essentially help our learners gain expertise in data management technologies like Hadoop, Spark, scientific programming languages like Python, various Machine Learning algorithms such as Naïve-Bayes, KNN, K-Means, Decision Tree, Random Forest, and data visualization tool Tableau.

Our Data Science using Python program curriculum is streamlined to help our enrollees become experts in the data science field and enable one to bag the best-paying jobs in the market.

Why enroll at H2KInfosys for our data science training and placement course?

H2K Infosys has always been keen on offering authentic, in-depth Data Science online courses to our learners. We believe in hands-on training, hence, our instructors include real-time examples, case studies, and use cases while explaining a concept. Moreover, they make sure to incorporate quizzes and assignments in each session to gauge the understanding of our learners.

The following are our key takeaways:

  • Our instructors hold at least 5-10 years of industry experience as Data Scientists
  • Instructor-led live interactive sessions
  • Course curriculum developed by experts considering the current trends and requirements in the IT job market
  • Quizzes and assignments included in each session
  • End of the course, live-project experience
  • 24×7 access to live-classroom video recordings
  • Unlimited access to our cloud-test lab facility
  • Assistance for clearing Data Science certification with the help of a practice questionnaire
  • Course completion certificate
  • Professional resume preparation assistance
  • Interview Questions help
  • Mock interview sessions held by hiring managers of Fortune 500 companies
  • Easy enrollment options

Career prospects of choosing Data Science training programs

At H2K Infosys, we focus to deliver the best data science training to our learners to help them make the best career choices out there. With our Data Science training, we make them adept at carrying out the end to end data science activities seamlessly.
However, based on their experience, domain expertise, communication skills, and academic background the following are the various career options available:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist

Who is eligible for the Data Science online course?

Data scientists are usually highly qualified professionals with a master’s degree or a Ph.D. in their subjects. Apart from this, good communication skills and domain knowledge are expected of a Data Scientist. Knowledge of statistics and mathematics is required to collect and analyze the data.
However, the good news is various career options are available to those who aspire to pursue data science.

Nevertheless, professionals who hope to make a mark in the data science field should have:

  • Undergrad degree
  • Basic knowledge of statistics
  • Understanding of programming language like Java
  • Basic knowledge of database query languages like SQL

Course contents

  • Statistics Fundamentals
  • Python Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization using Tableau

Refer to our Data Science syllabus section for exact details.


1) What are the different courses available for Data Science at H2K Infosys?

  • Data Science with Python certification course
  • Big Data / Hadoop certification program
  • Data Science and Machine Learning course
  • Python for Data Science course

2) Are the Data Science courses at H2K Infosys live, interactive sessions, or self-paced?

All our certification courses are live, instructor-led, interactive, virtual classroom sessions. We offer the flexibility of self-paced learning with help of weekend classes and weekday evening classes based on which the working executives can choose their batch.

3) How long does it take to get Data Science certification from H2K Infosys?

Our Data Science using Python certification course is a comprehensive 30-hour program. However, we recommend considering Big Data and Python courses to achieve expert-level mastery and a successful career in the Data Science niche.

4) What happens if I miss a session?

All our enrollees will get 24×7 access to recorded videos of live sessions which can help them revise or make up for the missed classes.

5) Who should take up our Data Science online course?

Beginners and experienced with an analytical frame of mind are best-suited for this program.

  • IT professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Marketing professionals
  • Individuals in the Analytics field
  • Beginners with an undergrad degree or a master’s degree